MANIFESTUM / Palasovszky book

Materials used: tracing paper, digital paper

Binding: sewed with a machine

The poet Ödön Palasovszky was a major figure of Hungarian avantgarde movement and activist theater. The appearance of his volumes caused sensation and scandal within the literary life of the period. His poetic volumes were less collections of poems, and more poetic texts composed in free verse. The Manifestum book designed by me is based on a manifesto issued by Ödön Palasovszky and Iván Hevesy in 1922, arguing for collective art. This publication, its particular form, graphic, word-use, and radical approach, fits well into the genre of avant-garde manifestos, while articulating a strong social critique: “the artist became retarded, the artist sold himself.”

I designed an interactive book. It was redacted in a way that allows for separately reading each page (the text of Palasovszki’s manifesto), while the book has two spines, and allows turning the pages both in right and left directions. This results in many possible page-pairs and readings. The careful graphic design of the page-pairs evokes avant-garde art and Dadaist literature. I used Serif (Garamond) and San Serif (Avant Garde Gothic) as letter types in order to to express tension and contradiction. Palasovszky frequently uses the words art, artist, and love, I designed separate signs for these words that has to be read as signs.

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